Expert Like Approach on Reducing Dust in Carpet and the Rest of House Items


If you are dust-sensitive, especially if you have allergies and/or asthma, you can reduce some of your misery by creating a "dust-free" bedroom. Dust may contain molds, fibers, and dander from dogs, cats, and other animals, as well as tiny dust mites. These mites, which live in bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpets, thrive in the summer and die in the winter. They will, however, continue to thrive in the winter if the house is warm and humid. The particles seen floating in a shaft of sunlight include dead mites and their waste products, The waste products actually provoke the allergic reaction.

To take a look at the contents of dust, would probably shock you, as it contains dead skin particles, human hair, fabric fibers, pet hair and dander, dirt, insect parts and numerous other components. As well as being unpleasant to the eye, it can aggravate several medical conditions, such as allergies, asthma and respiratory conditions. You will never be able to make your home a dust free environment, but there are ways to greatly reduce the amount of dust present. Here are some tips.


Carpets are a breeding ground for dust mites. Not only do they absorb dust like a sponge, the carpet fibers produce their own dust. It even settles into the under pad, and every step taken on the carpet releases dust into the air.

- Replace carpets with hardwood floors or linoleum, if possible.

- Vacuum carpets at least once a week.

- When vacuuming, turn on the thermostat fan, to catch any dust that is stirred up.

- Invest in a vacuum with a hepa filter, that helps to trap the dust.

- At least once a week, take area rugs outside and beat the dust out of them with a broom (this is fun for relieving stress as well)

Completely empty the room, just as if you were moving .

Empty and clean all closets and, if possible, store contents elsewhere and seal closets.

If this is not possible, keep clothing in zippered plastic bags and shoes in boxes off the floor.

Remove carpeting, if possible.

Clean and scrub the woodwork and floors thoroughly to remove all traces of dust.

Wipe wood, tile, or linoleum floors with water, wax, or oil.

If you use linoleum, cement it to the floor.

Close the doors and windows until the dust-sensitive person is ready to occupy the room.
Wear a filter mask when cleaning .

Clean the room thoroughly and completely once a week .

Clean floors, furniture, tops of doors, window frames and sills, etc., with a damp cloth or oil mo p.

Carefully vacuum carpet and upholstery regularly .

Use a special filter in the vacuum .

Wash curtains often at 130 degrees Farenheit .

Air the room thoroughly .
Beds and BeddingKeep only one bed in the bedroom. Most importantly, encase box springs and mattress in a zippered dust-proof or allergen-proof cover. Scrub bed springs outside the room. If a second bed must be in the room, prepare it in the same manner.

Use only washable materials on the bed. Sheets, blankets, and other bedclothes should be washed frequently in water that is at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lower temperatures will not kill dust mites .

If you set your hot water temperature lower (commonly done to prevent children from scalding themselves), wash items at a laundromat which uses high wash temperatures. Get More Info
Use a synthetic, such as dacron, mattress pad and pillow. Avoid fuzzy wool blankets or feather- or wool-stuffed comforters and mattress pads.

Furniture and FurnishingsKeep furniture and furnishings to a minimum.

Avoid upholstered furniture and blinds .

Use only a wooden or metal chair that can be scrubbed.

Use only plain, lightweight curtains on the windows .
- Steam clean carpets every six months. Not only does this clean the carpets, but the heat of the steam kills dust mites.

- Clean out the vacuum after each use, to prevent dust from escaping back into the air and on the carpet. Change bags regularly to keep vacuum working at peak performance.

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